Journey Series

Journey Series

Monday, February 19, 2018

Scene Flash Fiction


Hope all had an amazing weekend. Mine was awesome and full of exercise, which is where today’s flash fiction scene comes from. Hope you guys enjoy.
Remember let your imagination soar when you read.
* * *
Unedited Scene
Adult Content.
M/M Romance
If under 18 please leave the site.
* * *
“Demons need exercise?” Reginald’s hand went to his hips and his head lifted higher. If he hadn’t been pissed off, it would have drove me up the wall. What was I thinking, it had my cock swelling so fast there’d be zipper imprints.
“I’ve told you - -“
“Don’t care what you’ve told me. I know what I saw.”
“Didn’t think I’d follow you?”
Actually, I assumed he had. Not that it bothered me. I wasn’t hiding anything from him. I’d gone to the gym to workout, not hook up with some guy. Oh, there were a bunch of sweaty, hot men there who’d suck him off, but all I needed had been asleep in my bed when I left the house.
“I’m not sure,” I lifted my hand when Reginald went to interrupt me, “what you think you saw, but I went to workout out.”
“I saw that rich brown haired, hulk like guy rubbing your shoulders and you thrusted your hips back into him.”
“No one - -“
“Don’t feed me any more bullshit, Daniel Calvin Thomas.”
Bullshit? What the held was his lover thinking? Massages wasn’t . . . There was a policy against PDA in the gym. Only one . . .
“See you are ready to admit your cheating ways.”
“Hell I am.” I snapped my fingers and pulled up the video Witch Light Video Surveillance that Charlie had me install when he opened the gym. “Take a look at this.”
“I’m not buying anything your witchy ass pulls up.”
“Good, but you know, as well as I do, that no one can toy with the Witch Light Video Surveillance equipment. Don’t you?”
Reginald sighed and crossed his arms. Anger still rode his dark blue eyes, but I had his full attention.
“Who is this?” I cued the feed up to where I walked into the gym, letting it play until Charlie walked in.
“Charlie. So?”
“Okay.” I fast forward the video until Charlie was standing in front of some new member he’d been training for the last two week. Charlie was renowed for taking the new employees, or the male ones, on a quick test. Stupid ass brother of mine. “Who is this?”
“That is the fucker you cheated on me with.”
“Not the stranger, the guy standing behind him.”
“That’s . . . Shit. Damn. Fuck.”
“Caught on, did you?”
“I hate you being a fucking twin.” Reginald’s arms unfolded and his chin hit his chest. “I’m sorry, Daniel.”
“It’s fine.” Wasn’t, but who was he to fuss about his lover of five years being so jealsour that he forgot that his lover’s twin ran the gym.
“It is not.” Reginald came up to him and wrapped his arms around him. “I know you better than that.”
“I know you do. I also know how the green-eyed monster rides you when you are overstressed.”
“Don’t give me reason to take it out on you.” Reginald kissed his chest. “I’ve got to slow down. No more movies for a year after this one is complete.”
I’d heard that before and like always, another can’t miss the opportunity was dropped at Reginald’s feet. I didn’t care how much he worked. He was thankful that the two of them could work through issues when they arose.

Monday, February 12, 2018

Flash Fiction Scene

Hope all are ready for the week of love. Wednesday will be a day full of hearts and flowers for most women. Hope all has a great one.
Let this start your week off right.
Remember let your imagination soar when you read.
* * *
Unedited Scene
Adult Content.
M/M Romance
If under 18 please leave the site.
* * *
I ground my throbbing dick against his as the darkness of the unlit corner seeped around us. The mere idea of doing such in public heightened my desire for Randal. We’d been together for ten years and never once had we graced a dance club of any kind. Tonight was a special night he arranged just for me. A fantasy night. Yet, my agreement to take our intense heat home seemed to have escaped his mind. Not that I was complaining. My lover felt amazing. Wild. Free. Sure not the calm and mild man I fell in love with all those years ago.
Fingers fumbled with the button on my jean.
“Got to work harder if your mind is wandering.”
“Not wander.” I sealed my lips over his as his hand slid inside, gripping my cock. I let his mouth swallow my moan.
“Need you.” Randal nipped my lower lip, slipping his way to his knees. “Got to taste you. Here. Now.”
“You sure?”
Wet heat surrounding my lower head was my answer. I refused to thrust my hip forward. I knew Randal rarely sucked me off. Wasn’t his favorite thing, but he was excellent at it. Besides he despised deep throating. Not that I minded.
A wet pop came and then he slid back down my cock, laving at the underside of my head, before he took me half way into his mouth, all he could take at one time.
“Damn, lover.” I dug my fingers into his hair. “Keep it up.” I held on as he continue to suck me. I kept telling myself to keep my mouth shut. To not draw attention. Not that it would have mattered. There were men making out all over the place, but . . . Randal was giving me the best Valentine’s Day gift ever. “Shit . . . I’m . . .”
My load shot down his throat and he swallowed each spurt increasing the hot need racing over me.